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Pompallier Mission & Printery – ‘hands on’ history

Social and technical history comes to life at Pompallier Mission in a fun hands-on history experience.

In this historic 1840’s Printery students are encouraged to try their hand at tanning and leather production, typesetting, printing and bookbinding, as it was done 175 years ago. At the same time, they hear the stories of these courageous missionaries who made Maori language books and were witnesses to Treaty-making and the Northern wars.

Covering the period of first Maori-Pakeha engagement through to the issues of heritage today, students have the opportunity to learn about technology, architecture, geography, history and more.

Kerikeri Mission Station

A picture perfect landscape in the Bay of Islands carries stories of labour, passion, gods and battles when Maori met missionaries and history changed forever.

Established in 1819, the Kerikeri Mission Station is one of New Zealand’s first places where Māori invited visitors to live among them. Built under the protection of local Māori chiefs who were keen to harness the trade and technology of Europe, Kerikeri Mission Station grew amidst a backdrop of tribal warfare and ever-increasing visits from foreign ships.

Located only 5 minutes from Kerikeri,  one of the many activities is touring with our experienced guides who will share stories of fierce warriors and drunken sailors, and the earnest missionaries who preached, taught and battled to spread the Christian message amongst Māori, a proud people with their own ancient traditions.

The Kerikeri Mission Station is the site of two of the country’s oldest surviving buildings – the Stone Store and Kemp House.

Stone Store

The Stone Store was built in the 1832 from sandstone, local volcanic rocks and burnt shell mortar, and has been a trading post, library, barracks and boys’ school. The building has operated as a general store since the 1870s, and today offers an amazing range of authentic trade goods similar those first traded in the early 19th century, along with a quirky range of uniquely New Zealand merchandise.

Kemp House

Kemp House is New Zealand’s oldest building, a substantial European home, built by Māori and missionary carpenters.  Despite bearing witness to many historically significant events, Kemp House has changed little over time.  Experience the rich history of this home, as our guides take you back through time and relive days gone by.

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