R Tucker Thompson

The R. Tucker Thompson is an authentic 19th century replica gaff-rigged tops’l schooner, steeped in rugged tradition yet modern and safe.

Students sail on the Tucker in the wake of those ships that have sailed the Pacific and dropped anchor in the Bay of Islands for the last 200 years.

The Bay of Islands is immersed in rich history which until recently was linked by the water not roads. A sail aboard the R. Tucker Thompson gives students a unique perspective of arrivals and communications by sea, embedding the learnings from the Bay of Islands Education Network onshore heritage locations. The Tucker provides a glimpse into the lives and work of the seafarers and settlers of our past, whether missionary, scientist, Naval commander, merchant trader or pirate.

An experience aboard the R. Tucker Thompson allows students to integrate learning about local history and geography with a hands-on approach. Sailing can also provide understanding into physics and technology in a practical sense, requiring knowledge of geometry, pulleys and hoists to achieve the movement of a vessel towards a given point on water.

There are many learning opportunities aboard the ship. Under the attentive eye of the crew, students are taught to raise sails, take the helm and they can choose to climb the rigging or go out on the bowsprit with the use of harnesses.

Above all, the students will have fun; an on-water experience that expects them to use their physical strength, test their confidence and work co-operatively with their classmates to sail this magnificent vessel.

School sailing duration: 2 hours

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